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Backgammon is believed to have started in Mesopotamia during the Persian Empire. Today this area is known as Iraq, Iran and Syria. It is the oldest board game known in recorded history. This ancient game is known all over the world, has different boards, versions of the rules, and has been changing throughout time and cultures since its invention.

It is a two player game that uses 30 checkers in two different colors. The checkers are also sometimes called stones, pieces, men or counters. The color of the pieces does not affect the game and is only to determine who is who. Usually the colors are defined by a lighter color and a darker color that can vary from black and white to light tan and brown.

Backgammon dice come as 2 pair of 6-sided die, a pair for each player. In addition, there is another oversized 6-sided die called a doubling cube. This one has 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 32 and 64 on it and keeps track of bets during gambling. The board can come in different woods and cases but does not change much for the online version of the game. The board is set up with 24 triangles alternating in color, which are called points. These points are sectioned off into 4 quadrants each containing 6 points. Both players start their checkers in what is referred to as home, also known as the inner board. Each player also has an outer board, which makes up the 4 quadrants of the board. To begin the game, both players will start their checkers at home and move their pieces towards the outer part of their board and on into their opponent's area as dice are rolled.

The rules to play backgammon are easy to understand. Each player is trying to get all of their checkers into the opponent's home space faster than their opponent. Once this is accomplished, both players will start to bear off and whoever does this with all their pieces first, wins. The first player to start the game is determined by which one rolls the highest dice in a determining roll. Then the first player rolls the dice and the checkers are moved accordingly. The way the dice are rolled and how the pieces are allowed to be moved can vary according to which rules are being played. If doubles are rolled, this allows the player to break up moves over several different checkers and is often how a player wins, if enough are rolled throughout the game. Getting to know the rules around the dice and movement of checkers will help increase your strategy and luck for winning more often.

If one checker is left on a point by itself it is called a blot and the opponent has the opportunity to move a checker into this point to perform what is called a hit. Once it is hit, it moves to the raised center of the board called a bar. To move off the bar the player must roll a number on the die that matches an available space on a point within home area, which in this case, could only be an empty or occupied by one of the player's own checkers. If more than one checker is on the bar, only one can be moved back into the game at a time per player.

Once all the checkers of one player have been moved into the opponent's home area, that begins to bear off by rolling the dice to remove his or her own checkers from the board and the other player continues moving their pieces into the area for bearing off, their opponents home. The bearing off must match the roll on the dice unless there are no other checkers on higher points.

If the players are gambling, the doubling cube can raise the stakes to make the game more exciting. In the beginning, the dice is put in neutral with the 64 side face up. Once a player decides to bet, the dice is given to the opponent with the 2 side face up. The opponent can decide whether to accept or decline. If accepted, the opponent takes control of the dice and can raise the stakes again at any point in the game. The dice is passed back and forth throughout the game, each time raising the wager. If an opponent declines the dice, then that player automatically loses the game. The bets can wager up to the 64 on the dice.

Backgammon online is an exciting way to play these desktop games with so many websites that offer tips, strategy, in depth rules and gambling but not quite like poker, gin rummy or other casino games. Players from around the world play for leisure or to gamble and opponents are available around the clock. Many different versions of backgammon games also exist like Narde, Tabula, Acey Deucey, Tavla and Hyper-Backgammon. All these versions, born from different cultures and time periods, are fun variants to play instead of the traditionally known classic style and may have slightly different rules or game set up. Playing internet backgammon will help familiarize you with the classic version as well as educate you on versions you have never played before.

Computer backgammon can be played if you download the software onto your PC or Mac. This enables you to play on or offline, against a computer or with another online opponent. If you would like to try it online before purchasing software or gambling, many websites offer free backgammon with tutorials that will help you understand the rules, strategy, gambling and laws surrounding this game. In addition, there are forum boards to talk to other players and learn tricks and strategies from a wide array of experience levels. Trying a few different websites will also help you get a better feel for which versions you like best because each site offers something a little different. Many people are quite involved in the exciting world of backgammon that have formed online leagues and tournaments. | Copyright 2007 - 2018 | On Google+ | Instructiuni Securitate Remi | Jocuri Remi Privacy Policy | Joaca Responsabil