Gin Rummy Online Game

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About Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a popular two to four player card game developed back in the 1900's from a card game called "Whiskey poker." Many speculate on exactly where this card game derived from since several countries, including Mexico and the United States, have similar draw and discard versions. These versions are so closely related it is hard to pinpoint exactly where it originally began. Even in Asia there are versions of Rummy using flower decks and standard card sets combined. Although the rules are different the distinction that makes these games similar is the 'draw and discard' style of game play.

Gin Rummy rules are simple to learn. Four players can play but generally games are played with only two players. A standard deck of 52 cards is used without the wild cards. The ranking of the cards is played in normal order except that Aces are played low and 2 - K are played in sequential order with Kings high. The object of the Gin Rummy card game is to form specific kinds of melds with all ten cards in your hand before your opponent does and thus scoring more points. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

To play Gin Rummy, each player starts with ten cards. The player that did not deal starts the game by drawing from the stockpile, determining if the card works with anything in their hand and then discards an unwanted card. The discard can be the card drawn or a different card from their hand depending on the rules and which version is being played. After discard, it is the other player's turn. Since there is a discard pile now, a player can decide to draw off the stock pile or the discard pile but a player always ends their turn with a discard so that ten cards are always in a player's hand.

Two different kinds of melds need to be created during these desktop games. To score points your hand must have either 'sets' or 'runs' but you do not lay your hand down until a player knocks or calls out "Gin" or "Gin Rummy." Sets consist of three or four cards that are all the same number or rank. For example, three or four aces would make one set. To make a run, three or more cards must have all numbers in sequential order and be of the same suit. For example, the 10-J-Q-K of clubs would be a run. Runs can continually grow throughout the game but only four cards can be in a specific set.

Any card that does not fit into a meld is called deadwood. For example, if a player's hand has four cards in a set and five cards in a run, and one card is left over and does not fit into either meld, it is deadwood. It is possible to have a hand with ten cards that are all deadwood which is most typical at the beginning. These cards affect game play and are used as discards throughout the game but also when a player is about to knock or "go Gin." If the player has a deadwood card after getting as many melds as possible, he or she can knock, discard the deadwood face down on the discard pile and then lay down all the melds. However, if the player does not want to knock and instead tries to meld all the cards so there are no remaining deadwood, then that is considered "going Gin." The player calls out "Gin" or "Gin Rummy" and earns 25 additional bonus points, plus the total points from the opponents hand counted from deadwood cards.

If a player decides not to wait to "go Gin" and instead knocks, the opponent is allowed to lay off cards. This means any remaining cards the opponent considers deadwood can be played on the knocker's melds and reduces the amount of deadwood points against the opponent's total score.

Points are scored according to the numerical value of the cards except for face cards. Aces are one point and played low. Face cards are high and score ten points. Aces are not allowed to be played high with any face cards or by mixing from high to low such as, K-A-2.

Learning the rules of Gin Rummy is easy but the strategy takes practice. Developing your skill is what will help you win more games. Strategies are successfully used through building up knowledge from play and observation. Its known that a player cannot consistently play the same in every hand like other card games because there are so many variations of melds. Also, playing on sequences proves to be far more successful in winning hands because sequences can build on either end of the run whereas sets can only build up to four cards at a time.

Other strategies for Gin Rummy online are learning to memorize cards. When you play Rummy online you can observe the cards your opponent is discarding as well as which discards of yours the opponent picks up. Insight can be gained through observation and memorization about what melds the opponent is trying to make. This gives you a strategy for what not to discard that would help your opponent win. It is also advised not to "go Gin" online because the added 25 bonus points does not make up for the points you could have gained by knocking first. Try to score high and knock first so your chances of winning will increase.

As previously said, learning to play Gin Rummy is easy but the strategy is developed over time and practice. Pay attention to how you are winning to continue developing a strategy that works for you. Online games help build this practice and knowledge while having fun. Many sites offer software to download on your computer as well as live versions where you can play different opponents. Gin Rummy is a popular game because it is easy and the different possibilities of each hand are immense. The more you research these strategies through play and experimentation the more fun the game becomes as you try to win while simultaneously thwarting your opponent from scoring more points than you. | Rummy Copyrights 2007 - 2012 | On Google+ | Instructiuni Securitate Remi | Jocuri Remi Privacy Policy | Joaca Responsabil