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Right now, Rummy Royal is offering many different rummy promotions. Regardless of large or small your budget is, there will be rummy offers to suit you. Playing free rummy online is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. As you will realize as you play, one of the greatest things about the internet is that it offers people a chance to connect with other similar minded people by simply turning on their computer and finding the right website. For more information on how you can save while playing rummy on the computer, look at these great rummy offers.

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Free Five Dollars:

Once you fully register with Rummy Royal, you will receive five dollars. This money will be instantly added to your account, and you can use it toward any multiplayer rummy game. In order to get this rummy bonus, follow these steps. First, download the RummyRoyal software to your desktop. Then, select the "cashier" button. Fill out the complete form, and when you are prompted for your rummy bonus code, enter this: 5WELCOME. Now, all you have to do is check your email. Once you are verified that you have provided RummyRoyal with the correct email address, they will place the money directly in your account.

Your bonus five dollars can only be used to play at the "Welcome Tables". You can identify them as they are marked with a purple letter W. However, if you add real cash to your account, you can use the funds to play at any of the tables that are marked as "real money" tables. Adding money to your account qualifies you for additional rummy offers like the welcome bonus.


Welcome Bonus:

If you like to play free rummy online, you will love that the RummyRoyal site will double the value of your first deposit. They will match one hundred percent of your initial deposit as long as it is at least ten dollars, ten pounds or ten Euros. Therefore, if you make a two hundred pound or two hundred dollar deposit, they will match every penny. Where else can you receive a 100% return on an investment?

To get this rummy bonus, download the RummyRoyal software. Then, complete the registration form. After you make the first deposit, it will be matched. Do not worry about losing all your money to more skilled players. You can practice playing rummy on the internet at the Beginner Tables. These are marked with the letter B.

However, as the RummyRoyal accounts can be liquidated, the bonus matching money will actually be deposited into your account in increments. Doing this helps RummyRoyal prevent abuse to their program. The first five dollars will be added to your account immediately. The rest will be added in five dollars increments as you earn bonus points. For each dollar that you play, you will earn one point, and as soon as you earn twenty points, an additional five dollars will be added to your account. This will continue until the entire amount of the initial deposit has been matched. If this rummy bonus sounds too complicated to understand, do not worry as you can track your bonuses easily in the "My Bonus" section.

New Deposit Tournament:

If you are at all nervous about playing rummy on the internet, this offer is for you. You can join any of the RummyRoyal activities that have been specially designed for new players. To find one of the tables that have been set aside for beginners, look for ones marked with the letter B. You can find these tables any time of the day or night in the Quick Tournament section or the Round Tournament section.

If you are still confused or wary about playing multiplayer rummy online, you can contact the RummyRoyal support team.

Mount Olympus Leader Board:

Whether you are in a second grade classroom or walking the halls of a Vegas hotel, you will know that Greek mythology is a big trend currently. Now, you can rival the greatness of Zeus, Hera and the rest of the Olympians as you vie for the top spot on the Mount Olympus leader board. Players earn points as they play different games. For instance, one Kalooki 51 game only costs thirty three dollars to play, and it allows you to win one bonus point. Another Kalooki 51 game offers 2 bonus points and costs one hundred and fifty dollars to play. As you accrue points, you will earn the chance to be on the leader board.

The more you play rummy on the computer, the more likely you are to get to the top of the board, and the prizes are well worth the effort. The top prize is $400. Second place is $300. If you earn a bronze medal and take third place, the prize is a generous $200. Fourth place gains $100, and fifth place wins $50. There are other smaller prizes for people who rank on the board but do not merit one of the top five spots.

To earn your spot on the Mount Olympus leader board, you will not have to outsmart the evil Titan Cronus as Zeus had to. Rather, you simply need to play as much rummy on the internet as you can. Each week, there is a new set of winners. The first week runs from 27 April 2011 to 3 May 2011. Week two is from 4 May 2011 to 10 May 2011. These rummy promotions run for five sequential weeks, and each week starts on the first day at midnight GMT and runs until 23:59 GMT on the last day.

1 versus 1 Leader Board:

If the games that offer you a potential spot on the Mount Olympus leader board are too expensive for you, you must try to earn a spot on the 1 versus 1 leader board. These multiplayer rummy games have buy-ins ranging from as little as eleven dollars to as much as fifty five dollars. The prizes are fantastic. If you win first place, you can expect to see a one hundred dollar prize appear in your account. Second place will earn you fifty dollars, and third place will earn you twenty five dollars. If you place on the board at any spot between fourth and tenth, you will get a great rummy bonus: a free spot at one of the $1500 tournaments.

Just like the Olympus leader board, you have a week to earn your spot on the 1 versus 1 leader board. These rummy promotions run for five sequential weeks, and the first week starts at midnight on 27 April 2011 and ends at 23:59 on 3 May 2011.

777 Jackpot:

The 777 Jackpot is one of the most fantastic rummy promotions. It tracks the number of consecutive times that you win while playing free rummy online. The more times you win, the more money you can win. If you win seven consecutive times, you will win the grand prize of $777. If you win six times in a row, you will win $250. If you win five times in a row, you will win $100. You can even win $20 if you win four games in a row.

However, there are a few stipulations about this rummy bonus offer. If you win four games in a row, you must choose whether or not you want to claim the prize at that level or continue trying to win more games. The buy-in for these games is only seven dollars, but the consecutive wins must happen within a forty eight hour period. If you become eligible for a bonus prize, you can claim it by sending an email to If you provide them with the name of the game and table at which you won your first game, they will provide you with your prize money within one business day.

Golden Peak:

In the Golden Peaks promotion, you need to win five games in a row in order to claim the grand prize of $150. Each game is worth a different amount of money. There is a $10, a $20, a $30, a $40, and a $50 game. You can play these games in any order, but you must win them all to claim the grand prize. If you lose even a single game you will forfeit the grand prize. In addition, all the games must be played and won within a forty eight hour time period.

To claim your prize, you will need to send an email to . Once they have received the dates and times of your wins at the Golden Peak tables, they will deposit your winnings into your account. You can expect to see it within two business days.

Lucky Dollar:

If you spend a lucky dollar playing free rummy online at RummyRoyal, you can win as much as $500. Every Sunday at three in the afternoon GMT, you can play rummy games for only one dollar. In order to be eligible, you will need to play one game that is in real mode during the previous week.

Registering is simple. Visit the lobby and click on the "real mode" tab. Then, find and click on the multiplayer rummy tab which says "Multi-Tourney". Find the link for the Lucky Dollar game with the $500 prize and click on it. Once you hit register on the pop up window, you are in the game. Good Luck! When it is time for the game to start, it will automatically pop-up and you will be seated and ready to play.

Royal Stars:

Another of the RummyRoyal rummy promotions is their loyalty program called the Royal Stars Club. As soon as you play any game that requires real money on the RummyRoyal site, you will be instantly entered in this program. The more games you play, the more rummy bonus stars you will earn. As you earn stars, you will earn the right to be at a certain level and the better your level, the more benefits you can receive. When you become a King, you can even convert your stars to cash.

As soon as you start playing, you are made into a Royal Duke. If you earn fifty stars in your first month, you will be promoted to a Royal Jack. Keep playing because if you earn 225 stars in your first month, you will become a Royal Queen. If nothing but being King will please you, then play a little more until you have earned 600 stars in the first month. If you earn 1,400 stars over a three month period, you can amuse the court in your new position as the Royal Joker. These rummy offers seem to never stop because if you earn 8,000 stars a month or 21,000 stars over a lifetime, you will become a sparkling Royal Diamond.

Your stars are calculated in a different section than your playing money, but they can be used to buy places at multiplayer rummy tournaments or to exchange for cash. Within a day of winning the necessary stars to move up a level, your account will be altered. Then, you can play at the new level until the end of the calendar month or in some cases, even longer. Each level offers different perks like access to special tourneys, a personal account manager, a rummy bonus, and more.

As you earn stars in the RummyRoyal stars program, you can play games for free. These rummy offers make it possible to win even more money and prizes. You buy into the games with your rummy stars but you can win real cash. If you are a Duke or higher on the chain of royal command, you can play the Royal Stars $1 game for the price of only 250 stars. That offer is only good from 10 April 2011 to 17 April 2011.

If that offer does not suit your interest, there are other rummy offers that are valid on other days. For instance, every day at 17:00 GMT, Jokers and those with higher rankings can enter a game for 200 stars. For the same price of 200 stars, Jacks and everyone who outranks a Jack can play games on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16:00 GMT. All schedule changes to rummy on the internet games will be posted in the RummyRoyal lobby.

Free Roll:

A great way to play free rummy online is with the $10 free roll rummy bonus. Visit the lobby at 13:00 GMT to enter the game. RummyRoyal offers these games so that new players can try rummy on the internet to see if they like it. Find the "real mode" button in the lobby. Click it and then select multiplayer rummy games. When the Tourney Lobby window opens, hit the red register button, and you will be ready to play. In order to be eligible for one of these games, you will need to register yourself in the cashier section.

Friendships are Priceless:

This is the last of the rummy promotions that is currently being discussed. If you have a friend who likes to play free rummy online, you will receive a rummy bonus when they register with RummyRoyal. You will receive a fifty dollar bonus, and they will receive twenty five dollars. Just be sure that you fill out the referral form with your name and the email address that you use with RummyRoyal. After that, it is like money in the bank.

How to play Rummy

If you enjoy many different card games, you might like to learn how to play rummy. Rummy is a fun card game, like romme, Kalooki (sau scris si sub forma Kaluki) and Gin Rummy, to play with friends in person, or you can play rummy online. Before you play rummy for money or even free online, you may want to learn rummy rules so you are not slowing other players down, making the game less fun for everyone.

Variations of rummy first came on the scene in the 20th center and likely come from a Mexican> card game. There are many different kinds of rummy so you might want to first learn the rules of basic rummy. This game is usually played with at least two players, but optimally four. You can play with up to six. You will decide on a fixed number of deals or a certain score. Start the game by agreeing on the score or number of deals.

Set Up the Game

To play rummy, you will need a regular deck of 52 cards. The Ace is the low card and the king is the high, the rest of the cards fall in the normal order in between. The first dealer will deal out the cards. The duty of being dealer will rotate clockwise throughout the game. If you have two players, each player gets 10 cards. If you have three of four players, you will each get 7 cards. Six players will each get 6 cards. Deal the cards one at a time and place the next card face up on the table. This is the beginning of the discard pile. The rest of the deck will remain face down.

Object of the Game

In rummy, you want to get rid of all of the cards in your hand. You can do this by discarding, laying off, or melding the cards. Melding is placing a combination of your cards face up on the table. There are two combinations that can be melded, runs, also know as sequences, or groups, also know as sets. Sequences are three or more cards in the same suit that are in order. A group is three or more cards of the same number, but different suits. Laying off a card is adding a card from your hand to a group you have melded on the table. You cannot rearrange the melds, but you can add a card that fits into the existing meld. Discarding is placing a card on top of the discard pile. You will do this at the end of each turn.

How to start playing the game

Start with the player to the left of dealer and rotate turns clockwise. Each turn has several parts. First, the player will draw one card from the top of the pile, or you can take the card from the top of the discard pile to add to your hand. If the card on top of the discard pile does not help your hand, you can choose a card from the other pile and hope you get something better.

Next, if you have any groups or sequences, you can lay one combination on the table in front of you face up. You cannot meld more than one time in one turn. In addition, you do not have to meld each turn, even if you have a grouping in your hand that allows you to do so.

After you have melded, if you choose, you can lay off a card with one of your previously melded groups. This is also optional. In addition, you can lay off as many cards as you want in one turn, as long as they fit properly into the melded categories you already have on the table in front of you.

Last, you have to discard one card from your hand and put it face up on top of the discard pile. If you took the card from the discard pile at the beginning of your turn, you cannot discard that particular card; you have to pick another card from your hand. If you took a card from the other pile, you may discard that card or any other card from your hand.

You win the hand when you have gotten rid of all of your cards through melding, discarding, or laying off all of your cards. When you rid of your last card, it is called going out. After someone else goes out, the game is over, even if other players have combinations in their hands they could play.

Notes about Rummy Scoring

When a player runs out of cards and goes out, the other players have to add up the values of the cards they still have in their hands. Face cards are each 10 points. The Ace is just 1 point and number cards are worth their face value. The value of the cards is added up altogether and the winner keeps the points as their score. The next dealer will start a new hand and the game will continue until the number of deals is reached, or the number of points is accumulated, depending on what the group decided at the beginning of the game.

Gin rummy is one of the more popular versions of rummy. It is generally a two player game and can be played faster than basic rummy games. You will still want to score more points than your opponent does by ridding of your cards the fastest. This version of rummy can help you learn the basic rules and strategies before you try a more complicated rummy game.

If you do not often gather your group of friends, you can download rummy and play online anytime you want. This can be good practice and it can be a lot of fun. You can find multiplayer rummy games that allow you to play opponents from all over the world. By playing rummy online you can meet opponents that are just starting out, or who have quite a bit of experience. Type rummy into your search engine and you will find many options for rummy download. You can play for free, or for money in many different locations. | Rummy Copyrights 2007 - 2012 | On Google+ | Instructiuni Securitate Remi | Jocuri Remi Privacy Policy | Joaca Responsabil